Evergreen Elementary School is a K-4 school located in Drayton Valley, AB, with close proximity to Discovery Park and the Wild Rose School Division bus hub. Our building, which opened in August 2020, is designed for opportunities for flexible learning including teacher collaboration, team-teaching and flexible learning spaces. We have a sensory room/student wellness room as well as a dedicated room for staff wellness. We are striving to be a LEED silver level school, with reduced environmental impacts. We are looking forward to more flexible learning possibilities in the future.

Mission Statement: Evergreen School is a Learning Community committed to a learning environment that provides for growth and achievement of every student.

Vision Statement: Evergreen School is a Learning Community where students have the opportunity to achieve their highest potential in all aspects of their lives.      

Values: Our personal vision is to create a welcoming, safe space for students, and staff.  Students will get support they need to learn strategies to better function in a school community and their own community environment.